मानव कल्याण सेवा चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट (रजि०)

Blood Donation

Donating blood to aid others is one of the most honorable actions that any human being can do. It is a completely risk-free procedure. It is a risky procedure that is carried out following medical testing and physical examinations.

The need for blood donation is growing by the day. Millions of people require blood transfusions each year. Major diseases such as dengue fever, sickle cell anemia, some types of cancer, operations, accidents, natural and man-made disasters, and so on have been the primary causes of blood transfusions worldwide.

Manav Kalyan Seva Charitable Trust conducted a “Blood Donation Drive” in which many people volunteered to assist build a more caring society in which diverse donors donate blood to help injured or needy people.

Blood donations made on a regular basis may aid in normal blood flow. Stress and a poor diet might cause your blood to become hypercoagulable. It essentially thickens and slows the flow of our blood. Donating blood aids in the removal of poisons from the human body.

Iron levels in the human body should be balanced:

Too much iron in our bodies can be hazardous. When we donate blood, our iron levels increase significantly. We lose around a quarter of a gram of iron for every unit of blood donated.

Improve the health of someone else

Our blood donation benefits people suffering from cancer, bleeding problems, and chronic anemia. In the event that a compatible donor is not available, we may be able to benefit by storing our own blood. As a result, every donation counts.

The day we were born brought a smile to many people’s faces, so why not continue the practice of bringing smiles to people’s faces every day? Let us make a decision and make donating blood one of our new year’s resolutions for 2022, maybe saving many lives.

You can donate a pint of blood or assist Manav Kalyan Seva Charitable Trust by assisting in the organization of blood donation camps in your community, college, office, and so on. You can also donate money to sponsor the blood donation camps. The goal is to make India Blood self-sufficient, and we would appreciate any assistance, whether in the form of funding, sponsored camps, or blood units.