मानव कल्याण सेवा चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट (रजि०)


Women Empowerment

The ability to affect the behaviour of others, with or without restraint, is characterised as power. The extent to which a person or organisation wields such power is proportional to their social influence…

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Blood Donation

Donating blood to aid others is one of the most honorable actions that any human being can do. It is a completely risk-free procedure. It is a risky procedure that is carried out following medical testing and physical examinations…

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Old Age Homes

An old age home, sometimes known as an old people’s home, is a facility where older citizens live together. Approximately 138 million elderly people live in India, with 18 million of them homeless…

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Children Education

Literacy is critical to the upliftment and socio-economic empowerment of every society. It can provide people and communities with access to numerous critical services and rights, as well as enhance their standard of living…

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Food Distribution

All our initiatives are designed to provide essential food support to underserved communities in the form of raw grains, freshly cooked food, or packaged food products depending on the need. Our aim is to ensure, hunger…

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